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LEX Yakumo; JR West 381 series


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Yeh! My favorite JNR EMU. Planning a trip to Japan in October which will include at least a day on the San'in and Hakubi Lines jumping on and off the Yakumos at different stations to take photographs. :)


My Niihama layout is non-catenary so all diesel stock. Getting hold of a good Yakumo set at the right price would be just about the only reason I would need to start to put up the overhead wires...

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I believe the Okayama to Izumoshi Yakumo is the last stand of the JNR-era 381 Series EMU's, now that JR West has withdrawn the 381's from the Kuroshio service back in October 2015. But with so many trainsets now available, I expect JR West to refurbish and modernize them one more time so it lasts (probably) until at least 2025.

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