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What did you order or the post deliver? (Worldwide Models)


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Plenty of non-flickering leds from HKTILC.com for my Kato & Tomix trains. 


This was really quick despite I choosed the slower mode. Roughly 1,5 week ! I did not expect such a rushing order. 

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Got some Rhätische Bahn KATO stuff.  Some is re-issue I think and some is the newer stuff, including the rfecently released containers.  Got it from RGR.  He had the re-release stuff in stock earlier this year and after I paid he held it for the pre-order stuff to come in.


This is added to my Glacier Express and other GE4/4II and Ge4/4-III and EW I and other stuff I already have.



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On 8/12/2022 at 4:43 PM, JR East said:

Plenty of non-flickering leds from HKTILC.com for my Kato & Tomix trains.


Oh, I need to learn more about these!
I saw that the standard ones do flicker a lot. And while that looks cool on 3rd rail DC stock, it's not as cool on more modern stock.

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4 minutes ago, Giugiaro said:

Oh, I need to learn more about these!

HKTILC produces Popondetta's lights. They cannot sell in Japan but you can buy their lights directly from their shop. They have a range of lights with capacitors that do not flicker; or at least not very often, your trackwork needs to be really crap for it to happen. They are based in HK.


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On 9/25/2022 at 2:06 AM, railsquid said:

My new car finally arrived:



engelscher-markt-2022-09-25_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


Where do you get an N-scale Trabant?


In 1990 I went into E Berlin for a day.  This was after the "wall fell" but while there was still East Germany.   I saw this one street side parking area (45 deg parking) that had a row of around a dozen Trabants and a US Army plated (private serviceman's car, not official)  Ford Escort.  The Escort looked huge compared to the Trabis.  And was a marked testament to the failure of the E German state to get out of the 50s.   I also saw one in Munich in late 91 or 92 as a Taxi -- painted the Taxi ivory color.  I was wondering why someone would want to take a Trabi as a taxi when you get a Mercedes for the same cost.  Of course, the driver was probably a sole proprietor owner trying his best to make a buck.



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Just now, chadbag said:

Where do you get an N-scale Trabant?


DM Toys: https://www.dm-toys.de/en/list/search/trabant.html


A trifle expensive, but a nice quality model and worth it for the atmosphere.


They were still very widespread in East Berlin in the early 90s.


Not sure how a sole Trabbi would have made it to Munich... There were certainly a few Wartburgs in Berlin in use as taxis, was a bit odd seeing them in the row of Mercedes lined up outside Bhf Zoo, and some Volkspolizei Ladas made it into "western" police livery.

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Sorry @disturbman I wasn't able to.

If I didn't make that mistake when ordering my ticket from Paris to Berlin, I would've had more than enough time in Berlin to relax and look around.

Innotrans was an absolute rush.


Guess I'll leave that for another opportunity. A DB V 160 would be of good use. 😁

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