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What did you order or the post deliver? (Worldwide Models)


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1 hour ago, roadstar_na6 said:

May I ask how much you paid for shipping and what fees you paid to the agent?


The final shipping was about 60 Euros. That's much less than the individual shipping quoted on ebay. But more importantly for me most of the better German ebay deals don't ship to the united states at all, so this was a way to get around that. The ICE 2 came in a giant "trains set" box. If I had realized that I would have asked for them to open and rebox it, which they do. I don't know if that would have made it cheaper though. 

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If DHL resumes to ship stuff to the US you could also just hit me up and I can consolidate or forward stuff to you 🙂

EDIT: I just saw that they do, but only surface mail at the moment unless you want to pay premium.

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1 hour ago, roadstar_na6 said:

If DHL resumes to ship stuff to the US you could also just hit me up and I can consolidate or forward stuff to you 🙂


Thank you. That's very kind of you!! But I wouldn't dream of having you waste precious train time consolidating packages for me. Actually the service is super easy to use and isn't expensive.  

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21 hours ago, gavino200 said:

I got a bunch of German things today. I bought them through a German postal consolidation service and had them sent in one package to the US.


Does this satisfy the craving for German trains? 🙂 I would love to get my hands on an ICE 1 train - N or HO. 

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2 hours ago, serotta1972 said:

Nice haul! Those are some beautiful trains - does this satisfy the craving for German trains? 🙂 I would love to get my hands on an ICE 1 train - N or HO. 


Ha, yes the craving is sated, but only temporarily I think. There are a ton of great bargains to be found on ebay.de. Almost all the well priced items don't ship to the US though. That's why I used the mailing agent. It took me only a couple of weeks to acquire everything I needed for the ICE 1. 


If you start collecting cars for an ICE 1 be careful about the liveries and logos. There are a few variations.  

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I found a DCC fitted class 67 in Caledonian sleeper blue by Dapol on sale for 99 GBP with Rails of Sheffield. If I can now find some MK3 Caledonian sleeper coaches, I can recreate the train I took from Fort William to London in early 2016. I believe they were using class 67s for the non-electrified section from Fort William to Edinburgh. I have to research how many coaches there are from Fort William to Edinburgh though.


I also have a Class 92 and the MK5 coaches on order with Revolution Trains. I was on that new train from Edinburgh to London almost exactly a year ago in 2019.


Ah those good old days when I would be traveling all over.

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On 11/16/2020 at 5:50 AM, Kiran said:

If I can now find some MK3 Caledonian sleeper coaches, I can recreate the train I took from Fort William to London in early 2016. I believe they were using class 67s for the non-electrified section from Fort William to Edinburgh. I have to research how many coaches there are from Fort William to Edinburgh though.

You might want to try Electra vinyls on very old Graham Farish MK3's (the model that GF used for HST and Loco hauled coaches by having removable buffers)


67's were used, as were 73's.


There was a portion of the Cally sleeper which had 2 Mk2's and 3 Mk3's.

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How long does shipping by sea normally take? 1-2 months? I am a little bit anxious for waiting. This virus has put a hamper on a lot of would be everyday normal things.

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Something came in the mail that I've wanted for a long time.

An HO model of a PRR B1 shunter, also commonly known as a "Rat".

These are built in the late '30s for the PRR and survived until the early Penn Central era serving coach yards and large terminals. This particular model is brass and built by Alco the brass model company, not ALCo the train company.

It seems to be NoS as the motour has no signs of wear on it, the wheels are completely clean, and the extra parts (headlights and sander lines) are not installed. Also note that the bracket that holds the motour isn't folded properly and the motour won't actually drive the wheels, which is likely what caused it to remain unused all this time. I'm gonna fix that, get it running, convert it to DCC, do some detail work, and it's going to become my new go-to shunter in place of a well used GP38 painted for Maryland Midland (pictured for scale).


Please pardon my messy desk.
























my well run, but well taken care of GP38, for scale



Here is a PRR era B1


And here is a PC era B1



#4751 is actually what this one will become. Note the odd headlight on the far end. This was because #4751 often ran with a mate for a long time and one end wasn't updated, hence the odd can-shaped steam era headlight. #4751 also received an all-weather window on the driver's side of the long end (not pictured here).


Here's another picture of #4751 with a bunch of GG1s lined up and waiting



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Update: I have fixed the chassis. It runs now under it's own power.



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Finally got my Thalys. It sat in Hobbysearch for a while before I noticed to change the postage to DHL. I'll have to set up a track to test it and the recent TGV out. I was expecting it to be a bit more of a bright red, but it's still a beauty. Looking forward for the newer curvy Thalys to be release to keep it company.










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Jugderdemidiin Gurragchaa

My two Scaletrains ET44AC/Hs finally arrived this week. I'm amazed at the phenomenal level of detail these trains have! Pictured below next to my Kato ES44AC for comparison.

They both run brilliantly however the couplers don't play nicely with the funky 1-piece knuckle couplers on my Kato Coalporters so I'll have to use them somewhere else for now.



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2 hours ago, Sheffie said:

They’re nice models. Ask Rails to test it before sending it out. Essentially if you combine the words Dapol, small tank engine, n gauge, then it’s a lottery. 

I have a LT one in red. The model and livery are outstanding.  It’s fine, runs ok but not great on anything but super clean track and slow running is nowhere near what we’ve come to expect by having Japanese steamies.

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The other day I got quite the haul of second-hand European structures locally. It's mostly HO, with some N, and even one Z scale cathedral. They're almost all old "Made in West Germany" kits which is cool. Some are in good shape, many need some TLC.


For an N scaler like me, fortunately a lot of the old HO scale buildings actually have upper floors that are more N scale, so I can kitbash my way to some cool models. I plan to pull apart the Faller 914/913/904/927 kits to make some office buildings, similar in style to the Faller 905 building. The Kibri 8200 is already basically n scale, but I'll probably stack it up to make it look more like the 8210, we'll see.


But there's lots of HO stuff that won't be adaptable for N. Some of it is really cool. No idea what I'm going to do with them, but I had lots of fun researching these old kits and digging through old catalogs. Here's some of the more interesting ones:


Here's a really nicely weathered Pola 678 Bus Garage:



Some "vintage" versions of Vollmer 43800, 43801, as well as a Kibri 8150 posthaus




And several train stations, including a Vollmer Bahnhof Kreuzeck, Kibri 9512 Bahnhof Altburg, Faller 10801 Bergheim Mountain Station, and a brightly coloured Faller B94 Neuberg station:



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Pandemic stress shopping = getting tempted by models that I don't usually go for. These are on the way:


NYC 20th Century 10 car + 4 car set with E7 locomotives with factory fitted Loksound decoders

PRR Broadway Limited GG1 with factory fitted DCC & the full 15 car consist


At this rate, I will have to make use of the "for sale" section on the forum soon to offload some trains.

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Nice haul Kiran, I've been running my US prototype stuff more at home too I've found.  That GG1 set is looking mighty tempting.

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So I’ve been a bit naughty this month 😵 Took the plunge and got myself the Kato 20 car E300 Eurostar, managed to get hold of the Revolution Trains 11 car Class 390 Pendolino in the ‘Alstom’ scheme thanks to a very generous user of this forum who allowed me to purchase such a rare set, and I picked up a Graham Farish Class 70 in Colas Freight scheme on a cracking Black Friday deal.


No more purchases until 2021 now! 🤭




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Ordered some interiors from BR Lines, for old Farish coaches which don't come with any:




The MK2 and 3 interiors are very presentable, the MK4s are a bit odd in only including the seat backs and partitions. Still an improvement, and cheap for packs of four. I plan to build restaurant car interiors from a couple of plain 1sts.

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Yes, I upgraded my old Farish Mk III and IV coaches with BR Lines interiors and also the newer black, smaller-flanged wheelsets. I was very happy with the result. BR Lines even sold me custom mixes of 4-packs so that I didn't end up with lots of leftover interior types.


Rich K.

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Here is a 5 car Caltrain with an MP36PH with Loksound. There was a recent run by Kato in their Kobo Custom range. I should look for the Bombardier carriages one of these days.




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