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3 Day Japan Excursion


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While I was doing some obligatory souvenir shopping for the family and mainly the kids - I picked up a couple of things for myself.  I got 2 really nice coin pouches and some other JR related items, 2 mouse pads that I will use for something else, a Suica card holder and a keychain.



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3.5 Days in Japan - Train Rides Statistics:


Total km/miles ridden - 2906 km / 1805 miles


Total Trips - 30


300+ km - 4

100-299 km - 4

50-99 km - 6

10-49 km - 8

1-9 km - 8


Trains Ridden - 18


Shinkansen - 7










Limited Express - 4




Series 383

Kintetsu 21020


Commuter/Suburban - 7


Series 115

Series 205



Series 225

Series 323

Kiha 110


All I can do is reminisce about the 3.5 days I spent in Japan and can't wait to get home and do mock runs of the trips that I did.  I am now looking for the 351 Super Azusa and Kintetsu Urban Liner Next.  A Kato N700A and Series 383 will be waiting for me when I get home. 




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Amazing trip Junior! Well planned and you certainly made the best of your 3.5 days train riding!


The 351 series(the 251 series is the Super view Odoriko)  and Kintetsu Urban Liner next are mostly sold out unfortunately... I guess Yahoo Auctions are your best bet now...

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The 351 series(the 251 series is the Super view Odoriko)  and Kintetsu Urban Liner next are mostly sold out unfortunately... I guess Yahoo Auctions are your best bet now...

I actually found that the best way to buy the E351 are Japanese modeltrain stores. Every now and then you can find a set for under 15k

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Thanks for the tips guys and for the link Squid.  Let me give it a go and see what happens.

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Sounds like a very interesting trip to Japan. I envy your journey!

Kinda curious what did you do in the Philippines. 

Lots of family time in the Philippines - that's why I requested for a little me time in Japan. :)

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Great photos Junior!  That tiny hotel room sure brings back a lot of memories for anyone who's stayed in one before!  

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Thanks for sharing the pictures Junior! Yes that mini hotel sure brings back a lot of Japan trip memories, as we were staying in one most of the time during our time in Japan!


Certainly lovely that E3... How is the ride? I'm especially looking forward to riding the E3 or E6 especially when they travel on the conventional lines... that's something about riding a bullet train on conventional lines that makes me look forward to it... did you manage to catch the coupling/ de-coupling action with the E2 in Fukushima station?


Wonder why you got that huge chicken drumstick!  :)

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Yes, it's an American Corn Dog which I used to buy all the time at 7/11 for lunch when I was in high school so when I saw they had them, I had to have one and it had the most interesting ketchup and mustard packet/dispenser - it was very clever, I wished I had taken a picture of it.


One of the primary reasons for riding the Yamagata Shinkansen was because of the conventional line and of course being an E3.  The ride was as smooth as the other Shinkansen and I wanted to get out of the train to watch the uncoupling as I was in the last car but was afraid I would get left behind as it happened pretty quickly. :)  Next trip, the Akita Shinkansen is on the top of the list.

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Pics from July 22, 2017 - 


E231 Yamanote Line - Ueno Station to Tokyo

N700 Hikari Shinkansen - Tokyo to Shin-Osaka

225 - Shin Osaka to Osaka

232 Osaka Loop - Osaka to Tsuruhashi

Kintetsu Urban Liner Next - Tsuruhashi to Nagayo

N700 Hikari Shinkansen - Tokyo to Shinakawa

E233 - Shinakawa to Tokyo

E5/E3 Shinkansen Asuna - Tokyo to Oyama

E2 Asama Shinkansen- Oyama to Ueno



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6 hours ago, serotta1972 said:

Thanks miyakoji! Another JR Central train on my want list - this might be something that Greenmax will make.

It seems like Micro Ace made them in 2008, set numbers A2790 , A2791 and A2792. Maybe those are still sourceable through Yahoo Auctions and co.

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Pics from July 23, 2017 



A slower pace compared to the day before.  Spent a lot of time at the Takasaki station and also at Komagawa and a 2 hour ride on a Kiha 110 on the Hachiko Line.


E231 Yamanote Line - Ueno to Tokyo

E4 Max - Tokyo to Takasaki

Kiha 110 Hachiko Line - Takasaki to Komagawa

Series 205 Hachiko Line (Electrified Portion) - Komagawa to Hachioji

E233 Yokohama Line - Hachioji to Shin Yokohoma

N700 - Shin Yokohama to Shinigawa

E233 Keihin Tohoku Line - Shinigawa to Nishi-Kawaguchi (Visited Nariichi and his shop)




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Some more excellent pictures Junior, thanks for sharing!  I love the rainy atmosphere.  Seems you managed to see an interesting mixture of trains, even some steam too!  The second picture with the tracks curving away at the base of the hill would make a great T track curve module. 

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Pics from my last full day in Japan - 7/24/17


W7 Hokuriko Shinkansen - Ueno to Karuizawa

115 Series Shinano Railway - Karuizawa to Ueda

W7 Hokuriko Shinkansen - Ueda to Nagano

383 Series Shinano Limited Express - Nagano to Matsumoto

E351 Series Super Asuza - Matsumoto to Shinjuku



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Great photos Junior!  It's interesting to see how big the platforms at Karuizawa seem now that only the Shinano railway uses it.

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