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Tomix 5721 Sound Unit for platform

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The new release of the latest Tomix Sound Unit for their platforms have stirred much curiousity (including myself) so I thought i'll just do a few short video on the sound unit... Please turn up the volume as the speakers are already at their max capacity and my phone is trying to catch the sounds....


Firstly, here are some pictures of the sound unit after it is out of its beautiful box:






I pasted the decal on the lowest red button that is supposed to be the 'Emergency Stop' button.. Adds up to the looks of the controller...


The speakers are mini, but they do pack quite some sound. They also vibrate quite strongly


This should be the sequence to press when you drive in the train to the station and let the train leave....


This final video shows how to set the pre-installed sounds inside the unit... Basically, you press both the 'On' and 'Off' button at the same time and hold them for 5 seconds or so and both the SP1 and SP2 buttons start blinking. Then you can cycle through the pre-installed sounds to the one you like. Once you're done, press and hold the 'Off' button for 5 seconds and the sound is set to the one you assigned it to...  


overall, the unit is fun and definitely good for station scenes, but I do not really like the sounds they have chosen... I am thinking perhaps it is due to licensing? Tomix probably never got any license from any of the JR groups so they probably cant use them in their unit... I also didn't see the usual 'JR東日本商品化許諾申請済' to state licensing...


There is an option to plug in your mp3 player to 'download' more sounds into the unit too, but I haven't gotten around the instruction booklet on how to go about doing this....

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