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I'm Back... And This Time, I Came Prepared!

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It's been a few years since I last visited here, stating my interest in Japanese trains.


Well, Since this this past November, I've got something to show for it now:




Warm region DE10 and Chuo E233 are also on order.


My approach to this scale is to simply have a place to let my inner otaku run wild.  The trains are the primary focus, but I'm really treating this as a crossover hobby.  I've set up a temporary layout on my game table that shows what I have and what I can do so far:






My poor excuse for a yard right now.  I've got ideas, though.



Makeshift container terminal.



Spare Gundam parts make great freight car loads.


One scene I would like to build would be a spaceport hangar (as a legitimate transport hub) to house the mobile suits and spacecraft.


Considering that this is a temporary layout, what would be the safest way to store structures, especially considering that one is made of cardstock? (I've got another one printed out that I need to build.)



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Wow, looks like a whole lot of fun!  I enjoy the fire effects on the oil refinery, it really brings the scene to life!

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JR 500系

Now that's having fun altogether!  :)


I like how all of them come together, the RX-78 Gundam, the RX-78 Ground type gundam with its huge range of artillery, Godzilla making an appearance, we have x-wings and Bobba-fat aircraft on the horizon.. etc ~ Fun at its best!

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I have more Star Wars and Gundam kits to build. I also verified that my Revell AT-ACT is also to scale with everything.


The three Shinkansen that I have are also another anime series reference: they make up Team Bullet Train from "Transformers: Robots in Disguise."

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Ah, it's fun to see things like this. One of the many things which would never happen in a German model railway forum (I must not imagine the shitstorm!).


Again I see I'm totally right to be in this forum. :D

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There is so much goji/gundam mash up here it almost deserves its own sub forum! We ascribe to the prototypical to whacky here, whatever makes YOU smile (and usually most of the rest of us) on your layout. If it doesn't trip someone's trigger then they can ignore it, but not poop on it.





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