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lighthouse first layout


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unfortunately, on the weekend I found a massive default in the substructure of a module with points, so I have to replace the module.

Since this incident I´m out of action for this year now, only a duck-under module will appear at the exhibition in Wunsiedel.

I will redesign the new Fiddle Yards with Tomix Track.

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Hello each other,

A lot of time has gone and unfortunately nothing really special has happened here.

About the fiddle yard from the above articles:

This was scrapped after a construction error in the substructure last year.
The middle module is currently being converted into a duck-under for the ring section of the
entire IG-Nippon arrangement with rice field replicas, level crossing and high-voltage lines.
One entry module has been scrapped because it can no longer be repaired, and the other will be used for later purposes deferred.

But the fiddle yard theme is not out of the world. I want to buy new modules from a manufacturer.
When building the old FY, I noticed that the cork bedding was not really level, so there was always patchwork. I wanted to avoid that for the new building.

Now I want to use the Tomix track. Up to the next one exhibitions are only six months away. Later more about it.

There is also news about the home project. At the end of May there is a move to a new, larger apartment. The available space is a room for homeoffice, but later this room will become a child's room. So my new layout has to be small, light and portable (modular system). Also, the topic of a main track, like some pages further forward, falls flat, because the space in the depth runs out for it. The dimensions of the individual modules / segments must not exceed 1,000 x 400mm.
It is intended that the modules / segments can then be safely stowed away on a shelf when not in use.

More about the new project in a few minutes...

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I cannot stress this enough.......re-purpose, re-purpose.


Based on what you said......

Layout storage today........Changing table tomorrow....


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Here is the idea for the new project.

Due to the reduced starting position compared to the previous planning, a small branch line had to be used for
the new system can be planned. At the beginning of the year I thought about the period and the region in which this fictitious one was
Web should represent. I studied several photos on Wikipedia about end stations on Hokkaido, my area of collection, but found
due to the models, which are difficult or impossible to get, not a usable model. Ok, I thought to myself, I have to go back to the JNR period of the 60s,
where there was still sufficient freight traffic. So at least the period was defined. But what about the region?
Steam Locomotives like the D51 or diesel locomotives DD51 or DE10, which would be too big for a small branch line of the 1960s.

Kato meanwhile announced the small steam locomotive type 8620 as a novelty, which I heard but ignored. I was shortly afterwards to throw the whole planning

over the heap. By chance I found a Japanese article on the gono line on the WWW. This was rather unknown to me ...
Then Google helped me to learn more about this line and its history. A video on Youtube with a steam locomotive type 8600
made me leave strict adherence to my hokkaido collection. Now I could finally find a region for the new plant.

The starting point is the Ajigasawa station on the Gono line in the northern Tokoku region. There is said to be a fictional one
follow the branch line up the Nakamura River to the end point of the same name, Nakamura. Since it is a small branch line with manageable
a maximum of 3 locomotives are planned to be used for traffic. These should then commute from Nakamura to Ajigasawa
and transport goods in and out of the region. As a template for the station, I went from a former terminus
get inspiration from Hokkaido, Shibetsu-eki in the far east of Hokkaido.


The station plan (2000mm x 300mm):



Legend: StB = station building, GS = goods shed, TT = turntable, LS = loading street


The station will be built in segments, whereby the entrance to the station will receive its own standard for later modules.
But at the beginning, only the train station and an approx. 1000mm long fiddle yard should be sufficient for the design of new trains.
The left side will be the end point, but can be extended over time to design a company connection.
The track material wich i want to use in the fiddle yard is Kato-Unitrack and in the station is Peco Code 80.

Buildings and details are obtained from small series manufacturers such as Sankei and Tsugawa or created on their own.
The control of the track systems will be done manually, that of the locomotives will be designed analog. A later conversion to digital should
be factored, so you can "play" later on exhibitions or meetings with friends.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to write to me.

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A few weeks before to go to Vienna, some updates of the duck-under module. First I fill up the landscape, painted in green and test the overhead wire of Trainsetter. Next step is the position of gras and trees. 



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