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My second Japanese layout


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The fences are from Casco. They print them on transparent plastic. You need to be carefull with the angle of the lighting to prevent reflections.




The hotel is a www.scalescenes.com office building (I actually built it in Z-gauge for my previous layout, but it will do for this background location for the time being). I can highly recommend scalescenes for high quality downloadable card model kits. Most kits are UK outline and I use them extensively on my BR layout. See the off topic photo for an UK example. 


The bridge spans are greenmax plastic kits. The piers are card with printed textures.




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A sneak preview of things to come. :) I really like japanese trams and because I decided there was insufficient space for a double track tram stop in front of the JR station building (yet to be built) I needed to find another spot. I decided I would run the tram "up the hill" to the pagoda utilizing some of the planned non-scenic area. The pagoda as a main tourist attraction would be a good excuse for a tram terminus and depot. This required some heavy civil engineering in the form of a deep rock cutting and two concrete bridges as I had to pass under the JR line before I could gain height. 




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I had a bit of spare time on my hands this weekend so I made a platform and shelter for my tram terminus... Just a bit of scrap card, a few textures I had laying around and a little paint. The photos help to improve the model as they show where I need to improve before I install it on the layout, where of course any alterations will be more difficult.




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Done some more work on the tram loop. The aerial view shows the full loop I put in in the area which was designated to be non-scenic. The scenic break will now be where the EPS boards are. The full JR loop and half the tram loop will be hidden. The JR loop wil be partially under a road embankment and partially through hollow buildings.

I'd hoped to eventually put a hakone style railway in this area, so that's now become a slightly non-prototypically routed tram line (through a gorge).

As this routing was an after-thought I cannot put point motors in. You can see one set of points is on a bridge and the underside of the bridge is visible from below (and has been modelled).





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I love the multiple levels and how busy that bridge scene is without looking like a train set.


You're now making me think about another layout...  Only problem is grades since I use B-Trains and they are not grade friendly.  I guess if I kept grades shallow and restricted it for 2 car trams, that might work out okay.  I guess I will see what happens!!

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After a little bit of scenic detailing work I did some tram spotting... The 5014 has been motorised and is out and about. I also noticed a new tram lurking in the deep cutting.




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My tram terminus is nearing completion. Just a few minutes here and there gets the job done.

The station building is modelled after the street side of Dogo-Onsen tram station in Matsuyama. It's new name is Horyuji Temple after the pagoda on the hillside. 

I really have no excuse for the fact that the three trams and the bus are from different companies... :icon_scratch:

I need to think about some suitable catenary masts now...









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It's been a while since the last update. I have built a fire station (painted card with plastic roof) and two fire engines just arrived from PlazaJapan. I also used a few items I bought in Japan this summer. The tram depot is slowly taking shape nextdoor...

17-1150051 30-09-2017_.jpg

17-1150057 01-10-2017_.jpg

17-1150058 07-10-2017_.jpg

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I'm still around. Just somehow too busy to do much modelling work. Just a small step towards my small tram depot. Using a scalescenes print I started building a shed into the backboard. I noticed that many steam age buildings in Japan have a european style so I hope this looks appropriate.

17-1150060 07-03-2018_.jpg

17-1150059 07-03-2018_.jpg

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After a few hour's work, more progress. I still need to put up some catenary and the buildings are not yet fixed in place. I'm still considering if I should clad the shed with corrugated iron sheeting. Even after some wife-assisted-google-searches I didn't manage to find any examples of a brick tram shed.

17-1150067 11-03-2018_.jpg

17-1150068 11-03-2018_.jpg

17-1150069 11-03-2018_.jpg

17-1150070 11-03-2018_.jpg

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Did you scratch build the white with blue roof building next to the shed? Nice little fire station!



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Yes, plastic roofing, card walls painted with undiluted quick drying paint. Modelled after an example I found on google maps, just scaled down a little to fit the available space.



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I finished the tram depot and adjacent tram stop. I covered the shed in corrugated iron as I thought that looked better. 

18-1150079 17-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150080 17-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150083 17-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150084 17-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150089 17-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150090 17-03-2018_.jpg

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I decided I needed to incorporate a diesel depot on my layout to display some of my locos and kihas. The photo shows its position in the trackplan I posted earlier in this thread (the bottom section of the trackplan). Scalescenes had a suitable stone paper download available and the peco finescale points I needed arrived today. As I'm DC I needed quite some insulated fishplates and solder connections to create enough sections. Anyone know which depot it's modelled after?

18-1150108 24-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150109 24-03-2018_.jpg

18-1150107 24-03-2018_.jpg

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That looks amazing Ian!  I know Kyushu had a few similar stone engine houses during the JNR period.  Most are gone now, but I believe JRK has one preserved at hitoyoshi station for their SL hitoyoshi Joyful train.


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