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Number decals?


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I've been hunting but haven't had success yet - aside from 1/80 scale, which isn't useful for me... but do there exist decal or dry transfer sheets of just JNR numbers (black and white) to easily renumber one's freight cars?

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There's a company called RLF Revolution Factory that make lettering sets in N scale.





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Any idea where to find these? I looked at MTP and HS, couldn't find them at all at MTP and HS lists everything as sold out...

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I'm facing the same situation myself with a dozen Hoki 2200's and a bunch of 43000 tank cars. See:




I've ordered Mr. Color Thinner on eBay, and had planned to see if my local art supply store still carries dry transfers. I'd bring a model of each to compare the size of the lettering. If I don't find a very close match, I'll just take all of it (vs. the last digit or two) off the Hokis and put a new number on.


On the tank cars it's tightly embedded among other lettering, so I'm thinking I'll need to carefully remove the Kato numbers and add the replacement on the right flank, where it's currently open space. If it turns out to be so tight that I can't remove the number without also wiping out other lettering, I'll just live with duplicate car numbers - you won't be able to tell from more than two feet away anyway - if that.

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It was occurring to me to see if I can't find the numbers, draw them up and then just have some decals custom printed. I've had this done for various projects such as my North Korean diesel and a Lake Superior & Ishpeming boxcar in TT scale, so it's something I could do again if necessary. Could also do it such that print multiple sets... or if there's demand enough could even consider getting a batch printed by Cartograf or Microscale...

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