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JR East cruise train Shikishima interior revealed to media outlets

bikkuri bahn

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Wow, that is very nicely done. But for the uber rich it would have to be... there is a lot of designy features thru it but it stops just short of getting too crazy and none seem to clash violently, which it can in this sort of hotel design that's squished into a very small space. Lots of Japanese aesthetic throughout.


The depressed center areas do make a challenge with all the stairs but do give it a feel of openness and height you usually don't see in train cars. The multi levels of walkways are done well. The little windows give a nice effect. First wondered why not more larger ones but a lot of the car is bedroom and shower and big window right at the sitting point in the room for just two! Observation room looks great but I wonder how much the mullions ding up the view. One of those things of design aesthetic vs function!


I had to laugh at the handicap toilet, the rest of the train does not appear to be handicap accessible!



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Very nice. And you can see near the end of the video that one end of the train is an observation car, with a clear view forward through the driver's cab position. In short, you KNOW somebody will do a multipart zenmen tenbou video of a trip on this train by June 2017.

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