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JNR ReTe12000 refrigerator car in HO by Adachi


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While trying to figure out these prefixes and suffixes in the nomenclature thread (http://www.jnsforum.com/community/topic/667-kuha-saha-moha-kiha-japanese-rail-car-nomenclature/page-3?do=findComment&comment=152634), I came across these pictures of a ReTe12000 JNR refrigerator car by Adachi.  I see Mark has mentioned the manufacturer before, but otherwise there isn't much, so...





Now, what does Te mean...

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It's an ice cooled car with roof mounted ice boxes. These were used before good thermal insulation and mechanical refrigeration units became common.

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As KVP says, they're ice-bunker refrigerator cars. If you have some models of them, they have very distinctive dirt/weathering patterns around the side doors. That's due to the use of grease around the hinges and edges of the doors to ensure an airtight seal to keep the cold in. Back when my railway had ice-bunker cars we used the same method.












As for Adachi models, I have a few of their freight cars. They're basic kits but they do build up nicely.





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