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JR East to open "General Store Railyard" in Omiya Station

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JR East will be opening a railway goods shop called General Store Railyard in the west concourse of Omiya Station.  At the link below you can find a pdf illustrating some of the items available.  Among other goodies, a few must-haves:


  • JR East pajamas as used on the Hokutosei sleeper service
  • parts pulled from retired rolling stock
  • dining car beef curry
  • Hokutosei spoon and fork set
  • decals as used inside E233 series cars to indicate car designation/number, decals displaying depot and passenger capacity
  • towels, key chains, stationery
  • Kato E651 Swallow Akagi limited edition model

This will open Saturday, March 25, 2017.  JR East, please take my money.  Courtesy of Railfan News.



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So is this some limited time store thingy?

No, I don't think so.  Some of the items may be limited-time but the store itself is permanent, or as permanent as any retail store is.

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Sounds like it might be worth dropping in when you are passing through just to see what special items they have.

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I REALLY wish they had a web shop too...

Seconded :).  But for us they'd have to have international shipping too :(

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