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17 hours ago, Matthieu said:

Thanks, never buy on Yahoo Auctions so i will try…

As @roadstar_na6mentioned upthread, there is a (slightly outdated) guide on how to bid on Yahoo auctions in the forum, but there are also other sources of second hand trains.




The gist is that you need to use a proxy to place bids. There are quite a few of them and people here like to use either buyee or zenmarket.


All have their advantages and drawbacks. Buyee let’s you bid the amount you want and you only pay if you win the auction. With zenmarket, you need to transfer the amount you want to bid beforehand.


Buyee might be advantageous when buying single items, as it is relatively straightforward, but zenmarket offers a great consolidation service, as they removed the original shipping boxes when consolidating packages.

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Thank you, I will read this calmly and carefully.

I had put in "follow-up" several ads on ebay (New at $ 200) and this night I received several proposals from sellers who are ready to go down to $ 160, without negotiating ... I will offer $ 120 in this case !!!! I do not really believe it but on a misunderstanding ...

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