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Hannoversches Strassenbahnmuesum / Oldtimer-Day


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My favorites are the Triebwagen 12 (1895, nice interieur!)

=> http://picasaweb.google.com/kpernau/HannoverschesStraEnbahnmuseum#5367985582573940690


The Triumphs TR4/TR6. Beatiful cars!





The RX-7 (FC) is one of my 80th dream car. Like a Lotus Esprit V8



I am a Lotus fan, but there arn't much

The Super7 looks bad (Missing and damaged parts, not painted, ...)



and the Elan wasn't on the museum, I found him at the parking area.



A Skyline R33 was parking at the roadto the museum, but I can't get a photo of it  :sad: :sad: :sad:

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Thanks for the Wiki link, I thought it only had 3 wheels and not 4. Also, it looks like the fore runner to today's "Smart Car".

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