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Need advice about TOMIX E3-1000/E3-2000


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I have a question regarding the light functionality for these trains, I have read from 1 source (and I could only find 1 source) that the light functionality on car 11 is not correct (that both red and white light regardless of driving direction). Can someone (preferably someone that actually owns these trains) shed some light on this issue?



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I have both the Tomix E3-1000 and E3-2000, and they don't seem to have any issues with directional lighting. Do note there is a switch below which you can turn on or off the light, so if the light doesn't light up maybe the switch is in the 'off' position...

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Thanks JR500! I am aware of the 'off' switch to turn all the lights off when the train is coupled with an E5 or other set. The website where I found those comments is here http://www.speedsphere.jp/RailRoad/Shinkansen/TecE3SeriesModelReview02.aspx (see under the "Light" section). I have also found a Youtube video of the E3-1000 in action, where it seems to me that the white and red lights light up simultaneously when the train is reversing (you can tell from the window arrangement that this is indeed car 11).

You do not have this issue with either train? Can you tell me more about your opinion of the light functionality on both trains? (at time index 14:39 you see the white and red lights lighting up, though it's a bit hard to see). Edited by Yavianice
Fixed youtube link
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probably because of the controller. the DC current is still alternating a bit. i also had this problem with tomix N1 controller..


I see, I thought it would have been the prisms not being separated correctly (that both lights illuminate all 'lights' regardless of direction). I wonder if this issue is also with the KATO powerpack. 

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