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JR East Super View Odoriko - Omiya to Izukyu Shimoda


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A substantial zenmen tenbou of the Super Odoriko service, recorded from directly behind the driver on a 251 series EMU.  Very good vantage point.  I didn't know this run was so long.  By uploader HKASAMA.


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It's not exactly common to see the Super Odoriko run all the way from Omiya in the past, but I noticed that looking at the JR East Japanese page for this train, the current running schedule when this train runs on weekends and during holiday periods now start at Omiya at 0754 hours JST. The regular Odoriko train usually start from Tokyo Station.

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"Limited time only"


I notice from the JR East schedule that the Super Odoriko would run from Omiya at least through the Golden Week holidays. I think afterwards, it'll probably revert back to starting from either Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station.

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