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making the custom bits is pretty fast. If you have access to a band saw and can put a fine tooth metal blade on it they are super fast. Just cut the roadbed, remove section, slide one end and cut rails off on the band saw. The longest bit was cutting the center section of roadbed out, it actually holds pretty tenaciously! After a few nipping and cutting with a blade I just put a cut off disc in the rototool and sliced it off, faster (last time I made like 18 in one sitting). I made a little jig out of a piece of wood with two slots cut into it that the rail heads slipped into. This hold the rail ends stabile (no lateral pressure on the rail/roadbed junction) and is a guide to even end cutting. Also handy to use to hold the rails to make a few passes over the cut ends with a fine file to clean it all up.


with a quick pass of a fine flat file on either cut end of the roadbed and careful placement of your cuts you can pretty much make the break in the roadbed disappear! Dab of epoxy on the underside to hold it all.


you can also just razor saw the roadbed pretty easily in a little xacto miter box (or carefully free hand) and use proper rail nippers to cut rails down and file. If you don’t make a rail holding jig file down on the rail not to the side to stress the rail/roadbed joint as little as possible. You can just lightly clamp the track to the edge of the bench with a little block of wood and you will have easier filing with it well secured and less chance of ripping things around with snagging. You can use an abrasive disc in the roto tool and carefully put it end on to the flat face and go slowly and lightly.




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