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Static Enoden and Toden tram models, are they HO?

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Looks like an older series of trams and interurbans published/released from July 2004 until April 2005 (街の風物詩 路面電車シリーズ). They were all in HO and had five types in the series:


- Toden 6000: http://gihyo.jp/book/2004/4-7741-2114-2

- Enoden 600: http://gihyo.jp/book/2004/4-7741-2114-2

- Meitetsu 510: http://gihyo.jp/book/2004/4-7741-2172-X

- Osaka Shiden 2600: http://gihyo.jp/book/2005/4-7741-2241-6

- Kyoto Shiden 2000: http://gihyo.jp/book/2005/4-7741-2345-5

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Thanks very much, Toni. Looks like my poor old debit card's going to get another flogging! :)





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