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TV program alert NHK BS3- Odoroki! Nippon no sokojikara Tetsudo Ookoku Monogatari 3

bikkuri bahn

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Of possible interest to members in Japan. Topics to be covered: the Hitachi IEP class 800 project team, steel wheel production, twilight express mizukaze and how bathtub water won't spill in a train, JR Freight and its on-time record of 94%. Next Saturday from 9pm on BS3 (satellite) domestic only. Repeat broadcast of the previous episode (originally broadcast last March) will be on same day from 11am.


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A note after viewing:

The Hitachi class 800 segment was most interesting to me, because it detailed the efforts of Hitachi engineers to make the rolling stock design meet the demanding requirements of the Dept. of Transport. Originally the design was like an upgraded HST, but a government regime change and reevaluation demanded more seats with the same number of carriages, so Hitachi was forced to move diesel engines to an underfloor arrangement. The MTU engines were 3cm too high on initial installment, so Hitachi asked MTU Rolls Royce to rearrange the intake manifold and other bits on the top of the engine, which they were able to do and get a good fit. In order to meet cabin noise restrictions, various sound insulation products were tried, and the best material turned out to be rubber pads normally used for tracks, specifically the interface between the rail tie plates and the sleepers. Flooring using this rubber met the DfT decibel requirements inside the carriage. Perhaps this segment and the others in this episode may be recycled for use in NHK World English language programs.

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