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Kumoyunis, Kumonis, etc.


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Thought I'd get some group portraits of my herd of these little beasties, as I now seem to have quite a few.


Firstly the Kumoyunis, aka post/baggage railcars. The two 82-800s in Yokosuka livery are Kato as is the 74 in Shonan livery. The 143-1 and 147-1 are Tomytec:






Next the Kumonis, aka motor luggage vans. A mix again, the 83-800, 13 and the left hand 143 are Kato, the right hand 143 is Tomytec. I'm impressed how well the colours match:




Today's post contained a pair of Greenmax bogies which will be going under one of their kits for a Kumoni 83-0, as seen on this link. I'll probably spray it in Yokosuka livery to match the 83-800, and run it between that and my 165 Series set.

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Very nice! Are all the Tomytec ones powered and been converted to Kato couplers? Im looking to get the Kato 74 to add to my growing collection of these cars. I see you haven't ventured into Micro Ace territory as they have many offerrings. I don't think I will be doing that, now Im patiently waiting for the Kato 83 in the Shonan Colors.

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The 147-1 and 143-5 are powered, 143-1 is a dummy but I may change that. They all have Kato 11-703 couplers, most of them minus the MU cables. It's a bit fiddly to fit the skirts to the coupler mounts but it's worth the effort.


TBH my main reason for not going into Microace is couplers. I can't see how you'd fit Kato ones as they don't use the standard Rapido mounting pockets. I like the Kato ones as they're only about £4 for a pack of twenty and work very well.


If you buy the Kumoyuni 74 be aware that it comes with Rapidos as standard but is very easy to fit with the 11-703 couplers.


Kato have just released a pack of two Yokosuka 83-0s and a Kumoya 90, all are dummies and have the new design couplers which aren't compatible with the older ones though (intended to run with the new 165 Series packs). Unfortunately they're offering kits to retrofit the new couplers to existing stock with the close coupler mechanisms, but not vice-versa.

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Thanks for the heads up and information about the Kato couplers.  I have the same reason for not getting the Micro Ace - the couplers.  I was actually thinking of getting the Kato 74 and then putting the body on to one of the newer 83 or 82 Trailer Chassis.  Since you have them, can I ask you to see if the  74 Shell will fit on to the 83 or 82 Trailer chassis.  I don't really need a motorized 74 but can't find a trailer one.  

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Try searching for Kato 4864-1, it's a dummy version of the Kumoyuni 74. It'll work out cheaper than swapping shells over even if you include a pack of 11-703s in the order. There are a few on ebay at the moment and Amazon Marketplace also has at least one seller offering them.


It'll be interesting to see which couplers the Shonan version of the 83-800 comes with, but I suspect it'll be the new type.

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The new ones look to be the same as those on the Kumoha 11s and related units, I think Tomix and MicroAce use the same design too. The old ones have a hook below the scale part of the coupler while the new ones rely on the scale part of the coupler heads clipping together, so they're not compatible. Obviously the new type is more realistic, but a lot of my stock can't be retrofitted with them.

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So this gives us 3 different and incompatible types (2 Katos, 1 Tomix) for the same coupler prototype. Although i think the european style kinematic couplers on the kumoha11 and 12-s are rather nice but imho way less robust than the Tomix TN variant. (which has both body mount and rapido replacement variants that are compatible witch each other)

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Well, I've not held any of the new releases but if you look at this photo on the HobbySearch site:




Also, for serotta, a listing for a dummy Kumoyuni 74. I doubt you'd find a powered one or a shell and later chassis for less:



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Thanks Welshbloke, you're probably right and will most likely be going this route.  I have the new Kato 10-1328 Series 711 and it comes with the new couplers, looks nice but I don't understand why they are bringing out a new coupler when the current one works just fine.  It looks like moving forward, new trains such as the new 165's and to be released 115-300's will have this new coupler which is not compatible with the current one.  

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If you mean the 10-1271/72 115-300s then they still have the old style couplers. I have the add on set (had its first run with the Tomytec units) and the powered one is on the way from Modeltrainplus. Ordered that way around as they had fewer add-on sets in stock at the time.


So far I think the new type have been fitted to the latest 165 Series (and the kumoni/kumoya pack), the various old EMUs, and the 80 Series.

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No, it's a future release 115-300 in Shonan Colors along with an 83 also in Shonan Colors.


Is your avatar a Series 2000 Aichi Loop Line?  If it is, I just purchased one on Ebay as I already have the blue one.  I like these 2 car Emu's.  What am I saying, I like them all. :)

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My powered Kumoya 90 arrived (the etc part of the thread!)




Towing a dummy 165 Series


No idea where the avatar came from, I think it was one of the default choices years ago!

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