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Shunting for hankyus


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Thanks guys, I like the look of those TMCs. As you can tell I am rather obsessed with the Hankyu line, I made a post while back about modelling tsukaguchi but the more I thought about it I was in way over my head now trying to figure out if making some floor modules would be time and money better spent. Like a station on one moveable modular board and a depot on another and then I could pack them away etc....

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The Hankyu Kobe line, My girlfriend lives right along it in Tsukaguchi. When i was staying with her last year i really loved watching them go past. Plus the whole area is so interesting for me so the Hankyus really do have a special place in my heart. Amagasaki area its quite a rusty little place, a little bit dingey even... but it has a gritty charm i just love. Also I love the Kyoto line, Umeda to Kyoto in about 30 mins only costs about 500yen a lot less than catching the Shinkansen. I also love the platforming warning sound makes before the train arrives, it makes me want to dance kind of like an accordion

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