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Split structures on the edge of a layout


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I saw this today at a trainshow. I thought it was amazing. It's awesome to see both the interior and exterior of a building. Also by doing this it would be much easier to choose a more natural street pattern, instead of trying to fit a grid within a layout board, or parallel to the edges.




This guy built the structure from scratch. I-beams and all. Very impressive. It would be interesting to have a row of houses, or business split in this way, each with a little glimpse of life within. 

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That's a great idea! It sure will be nice to be able to see some interior inside, and since being at the corners offered excellent view, why not? 


I would seriously love to try it too!



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Very nice. This is what led me to 1/144 dollhouse models way back to learn tricks and tips for doing interior details like this.



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