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Sydney suburban EMU in HO scale.


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My Christmas present to my son Harry. It's a model of a Sydney suburban EMU, known as an S-set. Over the years I've maintained them, worked them as guard and driven them. They're as tough as old boots, and very reliable considering their age. I like them, and so does Harry. The model was produced by Sydney hobby shop Bergs Hobbies, as part of their range of Sydney suburban trains.






Wishing everyone on the forum a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.


All the best,



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Was down there a couple of weeks ago for the trip out to the tram museum in the F1 heritage set (didn't think until now but should have looked you up) and my friend and I were surprised at the changes in Sydney's trains over the last few years since we were there last.


We were only there a couple of days and didn't get the chance to visit any hobby shops but Bergs was always on my list of stops in years past.

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