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Disclaimer - Project Description, Calendar and Guidelines


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After much debaters and a long and stressfull awaiting process the Second JNS Project Party is brought to you by yours trully, me. And I deeply hope we will all take pleasure in the up coming adventure.


At first the idea was simple, everybody was to commit to the same type of project but, with time, it became a bit more complicated. We feared that the first concept was going to be too exclusive and that it will exclude some people from the party. That will have been sad. As a result, participants have now the possibility to choose between two different types of project.


Project Type n°01: Mini Layout


The original idea is to allow people to build a mini layout measuring 35 by 70 cm. This project was thought as a demonstrator and a catalysor. It's usual for us modellers to feel trap, not to have enough space to build our dream layout. A feeling which is not only false but also castrating. This project is here to show us that it's indeed possible to build and run a very small layout. And to take pleasure in that. That's why I design this project as a very small layout, not bigger than a shelf, but with enough space to run trains and even have action on it. The size of the layout make it also movable, wich is a important feature in ours modern society in which people need to be flexibel and can have to move very quickly to another place.


No worries, this project is quite simple and have a very small amount of "musts". Let's review the layout "properties".

First, the size. The layout has to be 35 by 70 cm. That said smaller layout will be allowed. In fact layout size must not exceed the 35 by 70 cm limit. Addendum: By popular demand the mini layout is now allowed to fit on an Ikea Billy bookshelf. Maximum dimensions are now 70x35cm or 76x26cm.

Second, the type. This project was designed with the aim to focus on building a loop. This is just an incentive not an obligation. You can also build a switch layout if you feel like it.

Third, material. The only limitation here comes from the type of layout you decide to build. If you go with the loop formula you will have to use Tomix's Mini Curves product (R177, R140, R103) or any flextrack that could allow such tight curves. 170140103 youtube user has conducted many tests featuring Tomix's mini curves. It's possible to run some normal N gauge trains and trams on these tracks. But you must be warned, this project was also thought as a way to introduce modellers to Bandai's B-Ttrain Shorty products. The idea came in fact to your host after watching many youtube B-Train Shorty videos.

Fourth, miscealenous. You can develop any track plan and type of scenery you want.


[smg id=574 type=av]


[smg id=380 type=av]


Project Type n°02: Diorama


The second option was developed as an alternative to the first one in order to give a bit more latitude to the participants. It give them the opportunity to build a part of their layout as a removeable diorama. I don't have many thing to add here since there is no built-in restrictions for this project. Size, form and subject are, allmost, free. Anyway size must not exceed 35 by 70 cm for his diorama.




This party will span over the course of several months and will be organized as follow. The party will start September 6th. this first month being used by participant to define their project and to locate and order, if needed, the first necessary materials. It' the definition phase. The next phase, that will see actual work begin, will start on October 5th and end on November 15th. Then voting will be held between November 16th and November 18th in order to elect a "Party Winner". The said "Winner" will then be announced on November 29th. He will receive a small token of appreciation funded by the forum.


  • Launch party: September 6th (Sunday)
  • Definition phase: September 6th to October 4th (Sunday)
  • Work phase: October 5th to November 15th (Sunday)
  • Party end: November 15th(Sunday)
  • Voting: November 16th to November 28th
  • Winner announcement: November 29th




There are only a few guidelines (or rules if you wish) that I would like you to follow:

  • Projects must fit in with the Party subjects
  • Participants must follow the given calendar, the date are not moveable
  • Participants must respect the given restrictions and project's definition
  • Participants must fuel a "in progress" thread. A weekly update will be much appreciated but a bi-weekly (one every two weeks) update is the minimum accepted. Comments concerning each entries has to be post in an independant thread.
  • The winning entry will receive a prize funded by the forum, which has yet to be decided. (The host is eligable for the prize as the winner will be voted for by the whole memberbase.)


That would be all, I don't dare remind you that even if there is a price involved this is no concourse, just a Party. We are here to have fun. So be nice to each others and nothing bad will hapen to you.


If you have any question regarding this Party feel free to ask. I'm here to answer them.  :cool:

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To fit a special request participants are also allowed to build a mini layout fitting Ikea's Billy Bookshelf dimensions: 76x26cm instead of the requested 70x35cm.

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To clarify a certain litigious point. :cheesy


Participants are of course allowed to post their updates in their "Discussion thread" if they feel like it. They are just asked, for the sake of the later process of the Party, to fuel a dedicated thread (the so called "In progress thread") where all their updates are going to be archived for the sake of mankind.  :grin

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If any participant has some questions or problems regarding the Party or the way it's run, they must feel free to contact the host by the mean of a private message.

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As you must all remember, this Party will be over in a week... or was going to be over November the 15th. I decided, seing that one of the member took a week vacation and another started his project very late, to extend the party by one week.


The party will now end by November the 22nd, sunday in two weeks. I hope you will all put this extension to good use. The Party Callendar is now modified as follow:


  • Party end: November 22nd (Sunday)
  • Voting: November 24th to December 5th
  • Winner announcement: December 6th

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