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JR East EV-E801 Series formation leaves the factory

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JR East's new battery electric multiple unit model on its way from Hitachi's Kasado factory to JRE territory.  I wonder if JR Kyushu owns any rights to that carbody design.  No good YT vids of it stopped anywhere yet.


by Masaharu Aono




by yuuya0381 at Okayama, lots of cabinets (batteries?) under the blue car


by cookie 99 at Shin-Kurashiki, viewing the opposite side as the video above.  I thought the red car would have those cabinets on this side, but no.



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The red car is the motor unit and has The traction equipment under the car. The blue one is a cab car and appears to have the batteries under the car. Their weights are similar, so i assume the idea was to pack as many batteries in the control trailer as the weight difference allowed. (imho around 8 tonnnes)

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YouTube member (and JNS Forum member!) ayokoi just posted this video of the two EV-E801 BEMU's being shipped from the Hitachi factory in Shunan to Akita as it transited the Keihanshin region:


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