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Founder of Kato Passes Away


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An innovator and pioneer has left us with a great legacy.


(freely translated)


"At the age of 88, the founder of Kato Models, Yuji Kato has left us on the 21st November 2016. He passed away while hospitalised after a long period of illness.


A memorial will be installed next to his beloved Keikyū DeHa 268 in front of the Shinjuku Kato Hobby Centre from the 1st of December to the 25th. Please don't offer anything except flowers at the memorial. Flowers will be removed after some period at the discretion of the company."


Source: http://www.katomodels.com/pdf/fuhou.pdf

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On Nov 21st I left Japan with my first ever model train purchases, a Kato N700A Shinkansen, 683-2000 Thunderbird, and E231-500. Such a surreal coincidence, may he rest in peace.

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He is probably responsible for more improvements in model railroading, especially N scale, than anyone.  There would be very few N scalers indeed anywhere in the world without at least one Kato item.

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Davo Dentetsu

I don't think I can think of anyone who has a bad word to say about their extensive product range, which I think considering how widespread the company is definitely is worth thinking about.

I think he would be proud of what he created.

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Kato Products is what brought me to N Scale and back to the wonderful hobby of model railroading. Thank you Mr. Kato, RIP.

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