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What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)


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Looks like I will be home much of the week.


-assembled a B Train Shorty Keihan 700 K On! Anime Fifth Anniversary wrap train

-cut a styrene 4 meter small road and painted it

-added signboards at my larger station

-sourcing 3/16 balsa as a base for a new shotengai

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Martijn Meerts

Been working a little on lining up the storage yard modules, and then fastening them using some bolts. Also been working on some design attempts for the main station, as well as the city scape that will go above the helix.


I think I'm pretty sure about the entrance/exit from the helix to the main station, so that also means I can have some more wood cut soon and start putting together the upper frame of the helix and the first 1 or 2 sections for the main station.

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Supports for the elevated double-track loop finally completed, though testing and adjustments required before I anchor them more permanently in place.

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After testing the trackplan i put my second trackplan into the wastebasket and going to create a new layout.... *sigh*

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The 0.5cm stuff is masking tape, not pin striping tape. It is handy though for masking while painting and basically like the yellow tamya masking tape.


Search nail tape (color) on ebay. The thin stuff is 0.6-1mm wide so scale 4-6" wide. It looks really thin at a distance but is probably a tad fatter than prototype.


It takes some practice to get good at laying it down, but a $1 roll is like 20m to play with!






Yellow can be a bit harder to find and you can find a few different shades and some more glossy and some more matte finish




There is 2mm stuff out there as well for X walk stripes etc that are thicker







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I used a white paint marker for tires for the lane markers on my layout. It has about the right line width and is easy to apply.

Sometimes it stays a bit transparent but that looks like an old worn lane marker. If I don't want it that way, I simply apply it twice.

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Measuring the stuff you will get roll widths from like 0.6-1mm, they are not all the same all the time even for the same source. I think it's from the roll sections being sliced off a long roll. I've also had rolls the just are crap, where they can curl and be warped and think they are either adhesive issues (not being even) or bad section cut off. But they are so cheap just try another and toss!


Btw the silver stuff works well to make silver window mullions on high rise Windows. Just put it on the acetate vertically the place horizontal chipboard strips for the wall section at the top and bottom of each floor.



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After a long time, I finally had the chance to do some adjusting on the layout. Removed the rear staging track in favour of an additional platform, as I think it's not a really useful addition as a whole.


Next to that, I made a mockup of a possible narrow gauge track, which will be a circle as well. There won't be much switching going on, as it's too small and will be pretty hard to reach when all is done. Perhaps I'll get another point (thinking of a curved, left handed point) to have bi-directional travelling. It'll be a touristy track that will have a little station next to the small bus station. For the bus station, I want to have a Moving Bus System. Maybe just one bus with a motor, as all buses I have feature the BM-01 type and I'm planning to have bi-directional operations with a balloon loop on either end.



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Looking good. Where did you get the cork from BTW?


Thanks. Our local Daiso sells cork sheets (1mm x2 and 3mm x1) at the interior decoration section. They also have A3 sized 5mm foam boards with cork already attached to one side.

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Wow, 0.5mm thick cork? That's thin!


Whoops, I meant 1mm and 3mm thick. I got confused with the styrene sheets I bought yesterday xD

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The last evenings I tinkered a little bit on a small turbine model for a turbine loco. It already glows inside and blows air from the exhaust.

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It's just a model made from cardboard, LEDs, and a super tiny chip cooling fan. And yes, it fits inside a N gauge car. :)


EDIT: next weekend I can start a thread about it.

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Yesterday and today I assembled a couple of Tomytec buildings, added stickers and Dullcote to my Tomix island station. Oh, how I hate doing stickers!!





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