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What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)


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I started to add some colour to these cheapo chinese swimming figures. School navy. Need to add black hair as well. Seeing as 90% of students have that. 


Much better than the original condition. 




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Hair now in place. Some short, some long. Depends on how much the paint ran, or my fingers twitches.


Next to see if putting them in scenic water is a good idea 🙂



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More pool updates. Includes the popular guy chatting up some of the female students. Might have to try to blend in the figure bases






Next is the running track. Although I don't have confidence in my white line painting. Wondr if I can find someone local which can print in white.



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Yes I did think about printing on white card. I just though that would be a huge waste of toner/ink. The cost to buy white toner just for one sheet didn't seem very cost effective.

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Well it’s not bad amount as it’s only a couple of sheets, like printing a few photos. Sadly seen fewer white electronic printing sources here. There was a local chap with a small service that had a dye sublimation printer that I wanted to check out but I saw the little shop closed up a couple of months back. I hope he just moved, but expect covid hit hard.

Could cut the center out of colored paper instead of printing that bit and just print the track lanes.


water looks nice, swimmers look like they embedded well. How did you get your water surface texture? Blower?



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Woodland scenic water ripple effect.

Apply. Leave for 10 minutes, then dab with a paint brush. After it cured I gave it the lightest of dusting of white paint.

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wow. a 400metre running track is 177M long by 93M (general rounding) at scale, thats 118cm x 62cm . I guess. That will not fit on the layout 😄


Time for a plan B

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