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What did you do on your layout today? (N scale)


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I wish the Minitrix one and corresponding cars were available at Kato/Tomix price 😄

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7 hours ago, jappomania said:

😜  Minitrix is another thing....



maybe a 40 years old from Arnold Rapido (except pantos in really good conditions!).


(scroll down)






Ah sorry, yes it's arnold. I've recently gotten a lot of minitrix and arnold stock It's difficult for me to keep track. 




An entire suitcase of Minitrix and Fleischmann Track, along with a ton of Rapido and Minitrix stock from a collector. He wanted to make a layout but didn't, no idea why. So if I'm starting off, 75 bucks is such a good deal for a shitton of track, stock, etc. There's actually more, but I sent it for service since it's not working well. (Not plugging please don't sue me) but I'm going to get rid a lot of the contents in this box.


Couple of things I noticed and learnt:


1. Turnover switches made in germany has two solenoids and therefore two inputs, I couldn't find a proper model railroad switch unless I make one my own. 

2. Old locomotives do not use traction tires and are so weak going uphill.

3. I just found out that you can have the locomotive get power from the catenary? And that you need to redirect a certain component inside the locomotive to swtich whether it gets power from the catenary or the wheels. 

4. Quartering wheels is a hard job and I hate it. 

5. Fleischmann track is so good. Really, really good. There's height difference with KATO but it does fit well with tomix, provided you snip off the stub. 

6. I also found this in the pack



Tech 2 Locomotion 2500. I can't test the shortcircuit protection fearing I'll break it. But I'm interested that I could have a momentum speed and braking of the locomotive. I've never seen a controller like this, but I suppose DCC could do the same thing for it. 




Also here's my lightbox




White insides of the surgical mask box, covered in paper. Shined by light.







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Did some work on the theme park last few days,could only get one pack of the brick wall so will have to wait to complete it.




the tomix station wo nt look so random when it’s finished😉it’s going to be a bar with flashing rgb lights inside and a “rock band playing on the platform part outside👍😂 there s a free beer at the bar if anyone can guess the name of the 70’s band that will be playing😂😂




finally put the back scene up,not ideal but i bought it last year for the g scale so thought I may as well use it as it cost a fortune!




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BOC of course, but that’s for godzilla land! 

they actually had a huge godzilla head with smoke and fire on their stage setup! Sadly the Tokyo video no longer seems to be on youtubby.


boc was my goto for calculus homework, crank it up on the headphones and jam away on integrals and diff equations!


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No,sorry Jeff,same era tho😂😂

to be fair they may not have been as big there as they were here👍

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And the winner is..........👍👍😀

get yourself a drink at the bar buddy👍
( just a bit of fun👍😂)

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Martijn Meerts

Paul builds an entire layout in the time it takes me just to walk up the stairs to the train room 😄


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I think Paul forgets he's home and that there are no production deadlines unlike at work.  And I don't think those 6ft fences are going to keep those critters contained. 😁

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We were working together tonight and got a good start on the O-Hara Academy in Mito.  The Tomytec Showa Period Hotel captures the general essence of the O-Hara corporation brick and stone façade buildings pretty well.  All this building needs is some new signage and a bunch of roof greeblies; we'll live with the old style windows.

The particular signage style used on the actual Mito academy doesn't quite work with the upper story of the model; but most of their other business vocational schools around the country use billboard style signage that we'll adopt here.  I've got the graphics all laid out, next trip to Staples, we'll see how they print out.


Tonight, we popped the clear plastic window backings off so I could trim the flash out of the window openings, and we gave all the pieces some light weathering.  Needs a bit more paint touch up and then Dullcote before reässembly and scratch-building the aforementioned roof greeblies.

**edit**  After looking at the pieces again in the morning, will chop out a bunch of the window mullions.  Even after last night's trimming, a lot of the tiny openings aren't square.  Will be able to get them looking more uniform and a bit more modern with more surgery.



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It's nearly time to test print some industrial grade AC units. There are a few adjustments needed on the base to make it printable. Joe



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Mullions are coming out to give the O-Hara a more fitting modern-retro look; half-way done with that chore.  And the sign printing came out great.



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First test print of the large AC units. I had to print them on a base because legs are so fine, there is still a little left to sand off.



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Thanks Jeff,

I was quite surprised by the resolution myself. The little louvers are only 0.06mm deep, I was not expecting them to show up. They may still disappear when I add paint!

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