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Hello all,


I have been trying to figure out for a while how to believably use two Kato models of Tokyo Metro 01-type trains. An idea which didn't go anywhere was to model Asakusa Station terminus (G-19), which is a station I became familiar with between 2009 and 2012.


But now the idea of Ginza and Tawaramachi Stations on a 2' x 4' table is taking hold, with the surface level on the Ginza being the Ginza Intersection, showing the entire block of Chuo Dori that contains the Wako department store and Mikimoto Pearls' main store. A four-foot-by-14-inch rectangle should be able to show this, plus half of Chuo Dori roadway, all of Harumi Dori and the famous circular building with the Ricoh billboard at its top.

At present, from what I can determine, the Mikimoto building has been demolished and its replacement is under construction. Does anyone here have any idea what the new building will look like (although the Type 01 trains will be rather anachronistic with that building), or have any decent photos of the old building that's no more.

Also, does anyone know where I can source models which can be used to or adapted to represent any of the other buildings? I think a pair of Tomytec's 039-2 "Contemporary Office Tower" could be used for the "Ricoh" building on the corner, but that's about all I can find that is currently commercially available.

I know I'm stretching things a bit to ask of another favour, but where can I find information about what is in the subterranean arcades beneath Chuo Dori and Harumi Dori, between street level and station level, and what the platform of the Ginza Line station actually looks like?

It is nearly three years since I was last in Japan, and at present it is going to be rather difficult for me to get the opportunity to head north again to, among other things, research this matter.

I attach a Google Earth overhead view of the relevant part of Ginza, with (I hope) an added rectangle to show the area which could be modelled.


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銀座線の駅 will get you Ginza line stations.  By using Google Image you can find lots of photos and some maps. Most of those stations had pillrars in the middle and there are Greenmax pillars, although some of them maybe thick.

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Thanks. Ginza itself has an island platform (which will help to hide the fact that the stopping trains on the layout don't have opening doors), whilst Tawaramachi (and Inaricho -- I can't quite decide which station to use for the other side) have side platforms.

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