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Tobu 50050 series 'Crayon Shin-chan' wrapping train

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Whoops, you're right! I wasn't paying attention when posting this. I mixed up the characters for east and west and both Seibu and Tobu have a last character pronounced as 'bu' in their names. I already thought something was wrong... :P

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I thought the Shin-Chan outfit was pretty scary.... since Shin-chan is supposed to be a short kid with a large head...

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According to this article, Tobu will not be doing just one Crayon Shin-chan wrapping train, but five! There will be an orange, a yellow, a red, a blue and a green Crayon Shin-Chan train. The five trains will be introduced in stages, with the last one being put into service on 20 December this year.

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I'm eyeballing for Greenmax in this regard. They already produced the Tobu 50050 series, plus it's a 10-car only train, which is a bit out of the field of interest of Tomytec. The largest sets they've released so far are six-cars, whereas Greenmax does eight car sets (not sure at the moment if Greenmax ever released a full ten-car set).

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