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The least sophisticated how-to-guide on N-scale layout building

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Or that is what the author calls it (and in English) but I find this a very interesting journey through first an older layout with a more rural focus and then a  partial layout redo with a greater urban focus.




You find photos of the original layout part way down log 13.




There are lots of photos and he has undertaken some very creative projects.  One is a Chicago L style elevated train line.  Its created from the framework of several Kato 23-063 Double Wide Catenary Sets. To this he has added some styrene and Greenmax 2125 Third Rail.




The changeover to a new layout starts with log 16.




By log 17 he has moved to contemporary structures.




His newer pages show how is modifying buildings. He has used Model Power buildings in the past, some current Chinese imports, along with typical Japanese structure and layout material. He builds an elevated train station from scratch for his elevated line.

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