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Lima Orange TGV - safe buy?


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It's a Deutsche Bahn ET 403 emu; first used for Intercity services, and later as a Lufthansa airport express. Some people think they were funny-looking, but it's one of my favorite designs; it was really cool to find a model.




Check this out:




It's been listed on their site for a while... I've loved this train ever since I saw a model of it when I was maybe 10 or 12. Been seeking a Lima model until I came across this. Not



sure how true it is though...



now I have the Kraftwerk song Trans Europe Express in my head... che che che...che che che...

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You know this train can be yours for US$ 259  :laugh:


Yeah, I know--for that much money, I could almost fly to CH and ride a real one! (Well, maybe not, but it would cover a big part of a railpass...)  :grin


Hee hee just a plug but I think my set might be on the market soon  :laugh:


Let me know if it is....

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