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Taiwan/Taipei model shops


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I am visiting Taipei for 5 days, are there any model shops in the city? What kind of variety do they sell, is there any Taiwanese N scale existing? Thanks 

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Hi, not many model shops selling model railways in Taipei. But one good shop I do know about is M.J. Model Railroad which is located near to Yuanshan MRT station. Their website is http://www.mjmodelrailroad.com/


Touch-rail produces some nice N Gauge models of Taiwanese trains. The TRA have a gift shop in the main station in Taipei which also stocks small amount of Touch-rail models.


Hope you will have a great time, Taiwan is a great place.





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Yes the Taiwanese models I've seen have been very nice. One of our members has a few (ironically moving to Taiwan right now!). Pail Ingram of asiaNRails (user railtunes here) I think has some as well and I believe has visited some Taiwan hobby shops.


Some more in this older thread







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