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Any Piers for Kato HO Unitrack around ?


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Anyone know If piers are available for unitrack? If not I guess home made is the way to go. Wish I had a wood shop. :) Maybe some of those cool concrete cage looking things found in the N gauge track V13. Anyone know about anything being available? Thanks!!

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Your best option is Pink foam, hot wire cutter, 14ply cardstock.


The pink foam is 2" thick and 4'x8' at Home Depot. If you want to test the material they have a 2'x2'  .5 thick.  $6.



Get a Hot wire cutter   


The pink foam creates the platform of the via duct and the 14ply makes the walls. You paint it concrete gray and you should be good to go.





if you have a color printer you may be able to get away with printing the lines for the walls and spraying a light gray to defuse it.




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