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Train Mark Placement for Locomotives


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I feel stupid for having to ask this, but I acquired some train marks from Moyira Studio for my C62 locomotive to complete my Hato Limited Express.  (See the link below to get an idea of what I'm talking about).




The problem is that I cannot figure out how to place it on my locomotive since it will not slip onto the prototypical metal post that was built for it, nor does the locomotive have an internal magnet to hold it in place either (and even if there was a magnet in the locomotive for that, it would not help since even neodymium magnets struggle to hold onto the alloy the train mark is made from).  So how do I place my train marks? So far, I've tried fooling around with loose pieces of ferromagnetic staples in the hope that I could glue a bent staple to the mark then externally hold it onto the locomotive with a magnet I found in the garage, but the results have been mixed.

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The cheap solution would be wood glue, but that's a bit too permanent. Another good way would be to glue a small round neodymium magnet onto the back of the train mark. Another way if your locomotive is plastic or non magnetic is to hide (glue) a small but strong neodymium magnet behind the front face of the locomotive and glue a small and thin round steel plate under each train mark. This seems to be the most elegant way, but requires a small neodymium magnet that fits inside and small etched/cut pieces of steel plate to make the brass marks usable with magnets.

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After long deliberation, I bought magnets online that had the right profile and meticulously glued them to each head mark as well as the head mark post.  After testing them all, I can easily switch between head boards to replicate different express trains (now if only I had the money for more cars). Thanks for the input everyone. =3

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