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JAM 2016 Show Videos


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Love the zen rock garden layout at 11.20, seemed very Toni! The one at 15.50 as well! The art layouts at 32.15 were cool as well!


Love the fact there is such a variety of different kinds of layouts from temporary, to sectional, to modular to fixed to diorama to art! Also plarail and Lego. Refreshing to see such a variety as here in the us many times the big conventions just want to go for the biggest display they can which means a huge ntrak and Ttrak setups that get boring very fast. Variety makes for a much better presentation and visitor impact that big as big wears off fast and everything gets mushed together and homogenized and shrunk in the end memory! It can also intimidate and stun visitors as well.





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Wow fantastic range of layouts. The zen garden railway is fantastic, pure genius.




I'm surprised by the number of N-trak modules on display, they always struck me as a bit of a pain to transport. However the detail on them is stunning, some really great modules on show.

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Ah the memories! This year's JAM was quite good with a massive inflatable D51 in the middle and more layouts on display than the previous years. Somehow it felt like the hobby has been gearing up again here.


The N-Trak (I think they're called J-Trak) modules are present almost every time and quite a few (if not all) of them have been featured in magazines through the years. Some of which made by friends who've migrated to T-Trak.

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