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Greetings from London

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Hello everybody, I'm Ian,


a 25 year old, recently moved to London and working on a the big railway, having previously modeled in OO (Isle of Wight) (although never actually completed a layout), i've increassingly found myself drawn to the N scale japanese multiple units, especially as my flat here is smaller than my previous one


i'm currently in the planning process (read saving up) for a japanese themed set of modules built to the new Selkent Group Standards, since i've never been to Japan most of the look i'm aiming for is that seen in the anime shows i've watched,


my N scale fleet curently consists of:

Kato Portram

E231 8 car

205 10 car

N700 4 car


my current designs look something like this... (the bridge will come first)




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Hi Ian, welcome to the forum

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Hi Ian, welcome!


I think you found your way well to the asylum! Lots of inmates here to help getting you totally converted! Modules look like fun, start a thread on them in the projects section and keep us posted! Great to watch a plan come together.





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Welcome Ian. Have fun.

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