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Small B-Train Layout


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Sooo, long time no post in here... 


After building a temporary layout I think its time to honour all the progress by giving it a nice base to sit on. Something a bit more permanent. 

It'll still be made of thick cardboard (2 or 3mm) but being a grid with preplanned cutouts should make it super sturdy while being not too heavy. 


grid is gonna be something like this



some side panels and walls in the cutouts





and with a cover plate, it starts to look like something



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decades ago I built exhibit models with bases like this out of corrugated cardboard, mostly hot glued together and they would come out amazingly strong and very warp resistant. Putting the internal supports on the diagonal is the big trick to really making them sturdy. I would then face the outside edges with nice matte board to make pretty edge and it would also stiffen things up even more. Really light but put up with a lot of abuse being moved around and thrown on shelves for storage.

i had a 2 blade knife I made with 2 #11 blades separated with some metal stock to the cardboard width and shimmed into a #5 handle to cut the half lap joints. Worked great and fast. Now you can buy shimmed multi blade knives. Are you going to lasercut this?





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