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Route of the Tomiiden - station names?


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Nekoya-sen in H09 (?)


To be exact, 1:80 over 9mm.


I'm definitively ogling one of these sets...but I'm more interested in the fact that Tomix has already announced stuff to follow up behind.


Cheers NB

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Tomix recently released a new Tomii Dentetsu map. Newly mentioned lines are the 市内線 (shinai-sen; Inner City Lines, presumably a tram network), the cable car and funicular to Shiratoriyama, and the ferry connection to Tsukishima.


Here's my try at translating the new station names.



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I really like that red and cream model, I may have to pick one up.  The sea route on the map makes me hope tomix will come out with some more ships at some point, an N gauge harbor scene could be fun.


Edit: I just realized how pricey it will be after all the running parts are added, so maybe not.

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