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New Startup - GUNG-HO! Miniatures - N Scale Railway Warehouse, Brick Village House, and Station Hand Cart Accessories

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Hi, my name is Wei and I am the founder of the startup GUNG-HO! Miniatures. We have recently released a set of 2 N scale structures, including our railway warehouse kit for the Taiwan Railway. These kits, especially the railway warehouse were often found in Taiwan and based on Japanese architectural styling during the colonial period. They will look quite at home in a Japanese railway setting, mainly because of its design origins from Japan.







Railway Warehouse

This style of railway warehouses were a common track-side structure in many Taiwanese stations that handled freight. The design of the structure was carefully referenced after Taiwan Railway's Neiwan Branch. It comes with a distinctive Japanese feature, end walls that extend to cover the roof and awnings to protect against the spread of fire. One or two would look good in a siding serving a pair of short boxcars.




Little Red Brick House

The brick house fits the theme of  and branch lines, often scattered across farmland and rice paddies. I have painstakingly hand carved the brick details and included a little side house that could be attached to any of the walls for extra detail. 






Station Push Cart

Our station push cart is an intricate laser-cut kit that would look great in a station setting with a couple hanging around platforms. The kit can be assembled in a matter of minutes with super-glue. However, painting before assembly is recommended then followed by a touch up with a toothpick. Comes in a pack of 2 per kit.




The kits are cast in fine white Hydrostone/ Ultrastone, a material tougher than plaster, easily painted with acrylics, and sculpt-able with a hobby knife. Both kits feature intricate laser-cut windows, however, the warehouse comes with cast resin doors. We offer both an updated version with one piece roofs and original versions that requires more assembly.


You can find the details on my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/gunghominiatures or through our Taiwanese site at www.gunghominiatures.com.


Please note we ship from Canada and our Taiwanese site can only ship to Taiwan or Japan. All other orders please visit the Etsy store. Feel free to leave any questions  :glasses2:


Stay tuned, more releases to come.



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These are definitely going to show up on my Pingxi Taiwan branchline modules! Very nicely detailed!


- Paul Ingraham, AsiaNRail 

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Just got my carts and they are nicely done! Hopefully I can get a few minutes this week to pop them together. Nice to plop many places as it's sort of a timeless cart you may see around a farm or maybe even in a small town tucked away some where.


Thanks Wei!



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Cheers all! Glad you like it Jeff. I am also working on a couple food carts as an extension of the basic carts set and some Japanese switch stands/ turnout controls. Stay tuned for more to come.



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Intricate ladders and tiny bicycles, some new details in the works.




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More miniature details on the way! The kits for the tricycle, residential scenes, and warehouse scenes will be released on Tuesday 11/29. Made with lasercut polybak board and resin castings.





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New kit releases

Tutorials and video guides


The new tricycle kit, residential scene, and warehouse details have been released! In addition, I have made a photo and video guide on how to assemble our lasercut tricycle kit.

Visit our 'Tutorial' section to check out the free content at gunghominiatures.com/tutorials


New products:












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We also have a free shipping deal for purchases over $1000NT or roughly $31.40 USD ($1USD ~ $31.9 NT) on our site and a flat rate of $150NT/ roughly $4.70 USD for purchases under. Check out the FAQ section for details on the offer.  All orders ship from our Victoria, Canada location.


Even bigger discounts if you ship to the Japan, Taiwan, or Hong Kong regions, we offer the free shipping deal for orders over $700NT, roughly $22 USD and a flat rate of $100NT for all else.




More new products coming in December 2016, stay tuned, we'll be finishing the year with a bang ;)




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Do you like to eat Oden, takoyaki, or doroyaki? Surprise, surprise, we have something for you!


We have recently released our Japanese and Taiwanese food stall kit, it comes with 16 different signs in both languages and buyer can choose from two styles of food carts.

These fold-up laser cut kits are great for any street scene, a must have if you model the Showa period of Japan.


Currently the kits are out of stock due to massive pre-ordering, however, we plan on re-releasing it between February and March 2017 as well as export to Japan.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


Create a busy scene



Food Stalls Left: A Right: B



Food Stall A Kit



Food Stall B Kit



And of course we have our tutorials uploaded on Gung-Ho! Miniatures website



To top it off, here's a Polaroid shot


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Those look amazing! I'm definitely interested in these, as you can still see these around from time to time in the evening in older neighbourhoods.

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Excellent! Finer design than the tomytec ones! Laser cutting is perfect for these. I got 2/3rds the way thru making my own from paper when tomytec released theirs and they were so fiddly to work on as so tiny to do the details! Tomytec are nice but at the limits of what works well for plastics on some details. The laser cutting really gives it that old feel and fine detail! Can't wait until they are back in stock!


Kudos Wei!



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What's the thickness of the Polybak? Is it paintable?


The Polybak (aka Laserboard) is 0.5mm thick and it takes paint very well, dare I say better than plastics ! You can also do some cool wood grain textures on it as shown from this tutorial by another manufacturer http://vectorcut.com/sbs This post from railroadline also has info on the materiel http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=33063 and the type of lasercut detail that can be created.


Need to have a Panda figure with one of these :)


Ah the noodle cart, Po's a good friend of mines ;)


Excellent! Finer design than the tomytec ones! Laser cutting is perfect for these. I got 2/3rds the way thru making my own from paper when tomytec released theirs and they were so fiddly to work on as so tiny to do the details! Tomytec are nice but at the limits of what works well for plastics on some details. The laser cutting really gives it that old feel and fine detail! Can't wait until they are back in stock!


Kudos Wei!




Glad you enjoyed them, I'm currently working on improving the folding lines for these kits, I noticed the sankei kits often cut part of the edges away to make it easier to fold and avoid damaging the parts, especially with such fine details.



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Taiwan Railway Signs & Signals - 13 kinds, plus station name boards and platform barriers.

Well researched detailed parts to satisfy your inner railroad perfectionist. I'm considering on doing one of Japanese prototype, if anyone's interested feel free to give a shout.




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We have re-stocked our intricately laser cut Japanese food carts and tricycles. First batch of 25 kits have arrived. 2nd batch expected to arrive in a couple weeks. Hurry before they go out of stock! 

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Recently released some bicycles (with the classic center style kickstand), parking roadblocks, and a re-run of our Taiwanese Railroad Signs.

These kits are easy to assemble and relatively straight forward for a beginner looking to get started with laser cut kits.








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New stuff been working on:


Trackside shanty/ guard house - usually sighted near grade crossings or at each end of a station siding - comes in a one piece cast!

Urns - for making lots of kimchi :toothy12:

Rural train platform

Operating switch stands


The trackside shanty and urns will be released soon in a week or so. Recently ran out of molding rubber for the train platform so that would have to wait. Switch stand was just an experiment, we'll see how it goes.



The switch stand in progress, yes it can move.

Urns cast from poly clay

Train platform

Trackside shanty - left one is a one piece cast from hydrostone, right one is a 3D printed prototype








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Here are the released trackside shanty/ guard house and the UD3 Taipei City Bus kits.

The guard house is made with a 'one piece' Hydrostone casting technique I perfected, just paint away, and assemble the windows after. The bus is faithfully reproduced in exact detail using 3D sla printing under 25 microns high resolution.


For those interested in the diorama, I'll be uploading a collection of photos in the layout section once completed. I'm still working on a classic Japanese wooden station to fit into that empty side of the platform.


The Bus ( YLN UD3)




Trackside shanty / Guardhouse



That's a Kato type 9600 steam loco repatriated as a Taiwanese DT580

see you next time ;)

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