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LOL at this Budget Rental Car web page

bikkuri bahn

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I think it's the special amtrak high speed train ride arrangement. If you want to ride a really fast train, just buy an airplane ticket to Japan and take a train there...

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So out of curiosity I sent budget an email to see if they would respond!


Been barraged with just about every company requesting feedback at every turn, many times even before you ever get to see thier site that I've taken to ignoring all those and doing directed feedback on specific issues I have had to see if I get any personal response or ever any action as an experiment. So far I've gotten at best customized automated responses with promises of follow ups and even offers, coupons and such to make it up to me to follow but none has ever come thru or a real person been in touch with me. Find it quite sad. All that matters now is big data! Well sometimes big data misses huge things! Attention to detail is considered passé.





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Some dumb marketer has used a library photo without bothering to find out it's relevance (LOL).


That would seem typical for Budget.

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Some dumb marketer has used a library photo without bothering to find out it's relevance (LOL).

This is typical. Once in a tourism information guide of Northwest Indiana there was a section devoted to the South Shore Line. Did they use a picture of the South Shore Line? No. They used a photo of a huge electric railway terminal in Germany. It's just careless cut and paste, or using royalty free work around here.

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Speaking of right trains in the wrong place...




According to this Legambiente (italian ecology association) report on railway cuts, Trenitalia uses ICE3s for high speed serivces but more important, JR East E331 series (experimental articulated EMU) as regional trains.

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