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NMRA Higball to Indy 2016

Omega Tau

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The National Model Railroader Association 2016 show starts this coming weekend (July 8th-10th).  Anyone planning on going to the show?  I will be there and so will my module.  It will be with the Cintrak display.  Just listen for the Godzilla roars or music.



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Was this you?



Whoops this was from the national n scale convention the week before in Kansas not the nmra national show! My bad.



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Jeff.  Unfortunatley, it is not.  I am taking my module over for set-up tomorrow (Wednesday).  I do admit however, that the owner of the module in the video did a very good job with their module.



King Of The Monsters

My module is a standard N-Track module with three tracks instead of the 2 tracks on a T-Track module.  The Godzilla I use is a Polar Lights 16" figure kit.  http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51%2B2wOvIMDL._SY300_.jpg

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