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List of Japanese Model Train Online Retailers


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Japan - English speaking and international shipping
HobbySearch (topic)

Modeltrainplus (topic)

AmiAmi (topic)

Hobby Link Japan  (topic)

Amazon.co.jp (topic)

Rail Gallery Rokko  (topic)

Popondetta (topic)

Plaza Japan (ebay) (topic)

Mandarake (used items) (topic)
Yahoo Auctions*


*For buying used items from Japan using Yahoo Auctions, you need a middlemen service.


Japan - Japanese speaking and domestic shipping only
Hobbyland Pochi

Yodobashi Camera

DM Toys (Germany)
Modellbahn Union (Germany)
Train Trax (UK)

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Feel free to post about any other online retailers you have had (preferably multiple) good experiences with. I can then add them to the list.

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I'd also suggest amazon.co.jp from which you can easily buy and get your parcel shipped through tenso.com (with amazon free shipping to the tenso warehouse).
There are some good deals on preorders and new stuff, also sometimes from third party vendors on used sets.


Many books can be purchased directly from amazon.co.jp by pre-paying import taxes.

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How are the shipping rates from Tenso to Europe? The lowest shipping rate to Europe I was able to find was 1800 yen. Nevermind. Found out that they offer a variety of shipping options, including the cheap SAL option.


Still, I can confirm that buying books from Amazon directly works perfectly fine, so I'll add them to the list.

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DM Toys in Germany carries a lot of Tomtec/Tomix along with a little bit of Greenmax and Kato.

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Hobbyland Pochi and Yodobashi Camera both sell online, though within Japan and in Japanese only.

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Hmm... this thread is mainly oriented at retailers that speak English and are willing to do send their products overseas, but I could make a separate section for online retailers that only do business within Japan.

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Might be useful info for someone...


I'm sure people here have reported ordering from Mandarake.

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Actually i've bought a few rare things with google translate, from online retailers who didn't even have an english website but was willing to ship to me. (i payed with paypal) On the other hand Mandrake is good if you can find some good deals, but they are rare. (mostly used stuff or new old stock)

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Did anyone ever try this Ebay sellers: nippontrain ? All your advices and comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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7 hours ago, Montfort said:

Did anyone ever try this Ebay sellers: nippontrain ? All your advices and comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Ive seen them but don’t think I’ve ever bought from them. Prices look decent. There are several ebay sellers that I think are small shops that have some one who can speak English and they do a little export business on the side thru ebay.



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On 6/13/2020 at 6:02 AM, Montfort said:

Did anyone ever try this Ebay sellers: nippontrain ? All your advices and comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Yes I have actually! Only once though, but I would order from them again with confidence based on my experience. They seem to have quite a few items that are harder to find and have been out of production for a while, and as noted by Jeff their prices seem competitive for those types of items compared to other eBay sellers.


My experience: I ordered a red Kato Portram from them late last year.

Unfortunately, one of the motors was defective and it wouldn't run, but the seller was very easy to deal with. They sourced a replacement to send me, I shipped the defective item back, and they promptly sent me the new one. It's not often you get to test a seller's customer service like that. You always want things to go right, but it's even better to know you'll be looked after if things go wrong.


They even reimbursed me for the return shipping, even though that's not their official policy and I didn't ask them to.


They use cheaper/slower shipping methods (I don't think there was any tracking available, for example), so this whole cycle took a couple of months, but that didn't bother me at all. The seller even looked up what shipping options I could use from Canada Post. Even if they hadn't reimbursed me, I would have only been out $11. I'll admit I was a bit nervous not having tracking or insurance on my return (which would have been around $40, so I just took a bunch of photos for backup), but everything worked out fine. Not sure how the Covid situation would impact shipping mind you.


For newer more widely available items, I will stick with plaza japan (if buying from eBay) or HobbySearch who have better pricing. But if there was something I wanted badly that I couldn't find easily, I would buy from nippontrain again with confidence.

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