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Hello all,


This year the JNMA will be held again, but at a different location this time. The previous JNMA were held in Hamamatsuchō, but this year they have moved to Asakusa, in the Taitōkan, almost next to Sensōji.




The event will be held de 3rd of July, so for those visiting Japan then, please don't hesitate to drop by! Lots of extreme bargains to be had and chats to be made!


I will be there from before the beginning to beyond the end, as I'll be participating for the first time in one of the 25mm T-Trak meetings. Yes, I'll be specifying T-Trak meetings from now on in 25mm and 33mm categories, as the 33mm will become a thing here soon. There will be a few 33mm modules there as well, but the mainstay will still be 25mm (like mine).


Anyway, for those who don't know, the JNMA is a 2nd hand model train market with small manufacturers also selling their products. Some rare and special things can be found here at quite reasonable, to bottom prices.


See you there!

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Just a little bump as a reminder for coming sunday! I'll be there from the beginning until the end with my module, which is being worked on still. It will appear unfinished, as I couldn't add all the details I wanted to.






Afterwards the T-Trak people will have a drink and I think those who would like to join are able to come with us, but please do tell a.s.a.p. so I can relay it to the president.


Next to that, there will be some updates on the T-Trak development front once again, but this time regarding the 25mm standards. After the event is over, I hope to tell you a bit more about this in the T-Trak subforum! :)

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No worries. I'll be hanging around tge whole day, but maybe decide to step out for a few to ride some trains, as I've got a Tokyo Metro pass for the day.

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On second thoughts not looking good at all as I'm looking after the Squidlet for part of today, I did consider the logistics of bringing him along but it will be far too hot today (10 degrees lower and I'd do it).

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Well, made it there and back , Squidlet's first adventure on the Tokyo Metro.


Here's Toni's module:



and here's the Squidlet contemplating at some other modules:



The event was very crowded and due to presence of an excitable young toddler I wasn't able to take any more photos or even take more than a fleeting glance at the products on offer, but there's always JAM :D

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The little squid looked really tired, but was visibly enjoying the show, despite the crowdedness. The crowd was big, but it felt less compressed than the events at Hamamatsuchō the previous years. This location in Asakusa, next to the Sensōji is much more relaxed and will be our location for at least four years to come!


The meeting itself was very successful all in all, despite my module creating the biggest problems of all. The groves of the tracks were too shallow for the Tomytec pizza cutter flanges to go through smoothly, so during the day I had to scratch out residue, fine tune the module and encourage stalling trams to move along (read: give a little push). Eventually it worked out, but it could have been better. Luckily everybody was understanding and helping out to make things work. It was good to get to know everybody a bit better as well. I had good talks with people who have far more experience than me with everything and exchange ideas on 3D modelling, paper crafting and painting models. I even met a member who is a tad younger than me and into N-scale narrow gauge modelling as well! I think for my next module I'll dedicate to having a narrow gauge loop on a lower level.


On the development of new standards, this will be called '路面モジュール規格2.0' (romen mojyūru kikaku ni ten zero) and all can be found here: http://ttrak.web.fc2.com/t-trak_tram_standards_v2.html There are slight deviations from the orginal, but these allow for a more diverse spectrum of rolling stock to be operated on the system. Next to that, more information in English about the 25mm T-Trak standard is being made available at the moment: http://ttrak.web.fc2.com/index_en.html It's not much, but it's more to give a little insight. (further discussion please in a different topic if needed)


Anyway, it was a very good day with lots of beer afterwards and too in-depth railway related conversations for me to follow. xD

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That's nice! It's always fun to get together and play our common interest together, trains! And meet so many new friends that have similar interests and we can learn so much from each other....


Those modules are so interesting; everyone builds one section and join them all together to form a nice layout... Surely a team effort!

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That's nice! It's always fun to get together and play our common interest together, trains! And meet so many new friends that have similar interests and we can learn so much from each other....

Those are some of the attractions of T-Trak I think. It's open and free for anyone and everybody expects mistakes are made and have social interaction with each other.


Also, a picture of my module might appear in RM Models somewhere, as I had a very short interview with a reporter. :P

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Could anyone share a few more photos? (or at least links to them) Squid's two snapshots show parts of some very interesting modules...

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