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bikkuri bahn

Some good color film of action on the Kansai Main Line between Kabuto and Tsuge, a Mecca of steam action in the twilight years. The 25 permil gradient in the Kabuto area (nicknamed "Kabuto goe", or "over the Kabuto summit"), attracted many rail fans. This particular series is good because you can see some of the consists of the freight trains, which now in 2016 are just as interesting, or perhaps more so, than the steam locomotives themselves. Valuable visual record for the prototype modeler.

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I'm not that into steam trains, but this footage is really good! You won't see a lot of videos from that time in colour in such a high quality.

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bikkuri bahn

Here's another Kansai ML film, I think I've posted it before, but it's worth another view. More cinematic than the examples above. Also some nice shots of freight consists, and a nice scene of a C58 getting turned at Tsuge, I think using the air line on the loco to power the turntable. 1973. After that year, I think most people had to go up to Hokkaido or down to Kyushu to see any working steam.

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Lovely stuff bb, thanks for posting them.


I'm not sure about the C58 being turned on air though, that turntable is electrically powered. You can see the power collector arch, and in my experience electric turntables didn't have provision for air drive as well. But then again, perhaps JNR did make provision for alternate power...?


All the best,



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