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Former Akebono coaches used as 'static' hotel in Kosaka, Akita

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Retired sleeper express given new lease of life


AKITA — East Japan Railway Co.’s defunct sleeper express Akebono has been renovated into a hotel that opened recently at Kosaka Railroad Rail Park in Kosaka, Akita Prefecture.


Akebono, an overnight express called the 24 series blue train, ran between Ueno and Aomori stations until March 2014.


The newly opened train hotel is popular not only with nostalgic elderly people, who used to use the train for business or to return home, but also with young people, who may now be interested in the sleeper because of its rarity.


The hotel train is located at an amusement center built on the defunct Kosaka mine railway. In the evening, four carriages, including Akebono, are led by a diesel engine that pulls into the platform at a wooden station in the park and welcomes guests aboard.


Source: http://www.the-japan-news.com/news/article/0002920296

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