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What did you order or the post deliver? (Other hobbies)

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Martijn Meerts

Sure is a lot easier to get on than a full size one too 😄


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3 hours ago, Martijn Meerts said:

Sure is a lot easier to get on than a full size one too 😄


True that.  Although the full Penny Farthings are much easier to mount than a tall unicycle!

This one's also a lot easier to slow down as I can scuff my feet on the ground.  Going downhill is very exciting.  The full ones, you stand on the back step bar with one foot, and press on the top of the back wheel with the other to brake.
This is the Hoppley 32" Penny Farthing.  The company had been making full size ones too, but there are currently supply chain issues with getting the big rims, so production is on hold indefinitely.  They do have a dozen stores worldwide, even in Japan, if anyone else wants to join the Steampunk Revolution!
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Martijn Meerts

I'll stick to my folding bike for now, easier to carry on the train 😄


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Latest delivery from Hobbysearch today came in two boxes. Here’s the contents of box number two:





’Zailiner E353 Azusa, Z-gattai shimase.’


Yeah, I know it’s a kids anime but hey, I’ve actually learned stuff about Japan and its railways from the show, and besides - trains. 😉


For those so inclined, here’s the real thing transforming for action. Being the official PV, it sadly lacks the clunks and thumps of the bits shifting as it transforms, or the E353’s horn as it prepares to Z-combine:



This is the third such Shinkalion or Shinkalion Z Moderoid kit in my collection, I have the original E5 Hayabusa and the Z E5 Yamanote sitting on my shelf with a couple of Gundam models too (not shown so I could get an easier photo).



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HobbyZone, a largish mall-based chain retailer in Japan, we’re running an event for Tamiya Mini 4WD racers. 


Hobby Zone are quite a generic model shop, not really specialising in anything but having an ok range of models, tools as well as collectibles, toys and puzzles. They don’t sell any railway stuff apart from the odd Tomytec building or Tomytec collection series. They occasionally have things like the 1/50 Aoshima train kits or the O gauge DD51/EF66 models. 


They had a track set out for a small competition and my boys were fascinated. Certainly a low cost hobby with cars ranging between ¥1000-¥1300 at SRP and upgradable motors, bearings, wheels, rollers and weights for young kids pocket money prices. 


Tracks seem to be the big expense. Starter 2 lane starts at about ¥6000 and a 3 lane starter with flyover about ¥20,000


I remember buying a couple of these type cars in the early 1990s. From a UK hobby shop called Beatties, long out of business. I don’t think the track was easily available in the UK though so it never really caught on.


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This summer here in Boston, the weather was way to hot to do any riding on my Ha'Penny Farthing. With the cooler fall weather, finally had a chance to upgrade it and get used to riding with the new apehanger handlebars!  Here's a photo from last weekend at the Monster Mash parade over in Somerville.  I was riding with the Flutterby Fairies performance group, so I added wings to my usual Steampunk Cat outfit.
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Today, I took it over to a machinist friend's house, and he cut 2.25" of the ends of the handgrips.  That will make it easier to navigate crowds at an event (scheduling just didn't work out to do this before Halloween).  With the cutting done, now I can ponder painting it up.

Facbook video link:


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Martijn Meerts

I would face plant into the concrete so often on one of those 😄


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Haven’t taken a header yet!


The full size penny farthing led to the coining of that phrase!

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