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Two 4-car formations of the 225 series 100 subseries left the Kinki factory on February 23rd for Aboshi Depot.  The cab facade has the same appearance as the 227 series, the 3rd generation 521 series, and the upcoming 323 series, although the exterior displays above the gangway doors and windshields are full color (I think).


I'm sure it's got various improvements, but I feel JRW peaked with the 223 :grin






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I didn't see anything about it, but I assume they'll join the current fleet at Aboshi


The Japanese wiki on Aboshi Depot lists some "subdepots."  Miyahara is one, and it itself has subdepots, Yasu and Maibara.  But I'm not sure if cars are formally assigned to these, or they just layover there during off-peak hours.  Apparently Akashi is a subdepot of Aboshi also, and its subdepots are Kakogawa, Takatsuki, Hanaten, and Kyobashi, but I think these are all for 321s and 207s used on local service between Nishi-Akashi and Kyoto, or on the Katamachi Line, etc...

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I'm struggling to see the differences between the series and sub series.



Just as mentioned in the first post, the cab was changed to the 227 series design, which already is quite different (and prettier imo) from the original 225 series cab.

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I've got to side with katofw here, unless I saw two side by side there is not much different from an original 225 that jumps out at me to say this is a new train if I saw one go past.

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If they're being built as four-car trainsets, they would be perfect for the following operations:


Ōmi-Imazu to Tsuruga

Sasayamaguchi to Fukichiyama

Aioi to Banshū-Akō


I believe the 223/225's run only as four-car trainsets on operations I mentioned.

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