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Gordon Werner

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This is all good and timely info, as my first Aru Model kits have been sent out to sea.

Filling up my HobbyLinc.com basket now, they have the Paragrafix bending tool, PE scissors, flat nose pliers, oooh and Pinecar Derby weights for my Shorty engines, and 3mm birch plywood for gaming scenery projects.

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The xuron scissors are nice. The are nice micro shears for any tougher stuff you want to scissor instead of try to cut.



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TGW Chosi Electric Railway Deki 3



Sand box lid * × 6 * mark is for advanced users. About towing upgrade parts The number of 16th Deki 3 that can be towed is as follows. * Plastic freight car / passenger car (when vehicle weight is about 40 g) up to 4 cars, propulsion running 3 cars * Brass freight car / passenger car (when vehicle weight is about 90 g) up to 2 cars, propulsion running 1 car Note: Tow Please enjoy the total weight of the vehicle, 180g as a guide. Note: The number of tows varies depending on the weight of the vehicle to be towed and the condition of the suspension. Note: Do not drive more than the number that can be towed, as it will put a load on the motor and cause damage. Note: Towing is not possible on slope sections. * The light does not turn on. * The vehicle in the video has parts attached and instant lettering attached. * Choshi Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Commercialization confirmed As of May 2021



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The Pregio Track HO Oval is a small endless rail that fits within almost B4 size. The product is carefully hand-finished by craftsmen while using jigs for flexible rails. * Note Please note that the finish may differ slightly depending on the product. Please purchase a feeder compatible with your power pack separately, process it, and install it. You can enjoy No. 16 / HO small vehicles on the table, including No. 16 Deki 3 made by Hiroyuki Tsugawa. Product specifications Rails used: HO Flexible track Code 100 Roadbed color: Dark brown Outer circumference: Approx. 385 mm x Approx. 245 mm Curve radius: Approx. I can't drive. *


Depending on the specifications of the vehicle, it may not be possible to drive even within the wheelbase. Towing: Only one car can be towed with No. 16 Deki 3 made by Hiroyuki Tsugawa. * Use IMON HO105, a coupler on the 3rd side of the deck. * Use a coupler with a long knuckle neck. * KATO Tora 45000 / Wam 90000 can be towed * Please check the towing video. * Two or more cars cannot be towed because part of the vehicle interferes. 21601 Pregio Truck HO Oval Suggested retail price 6,800 yen (7,480 yen including tax) Scheduled to be released in September 2021 * Products do not include Deki 3, Tora 45000, clips, and control unit.



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Arnold is releasing three versions of exported Japanese locomotives this autumn. N scale 1/160.


The 7900 or 279 series locomotives were #RENFE's first generation of Japanese locomotives. Originally designed in 1967 as dual voltage locomotives, they were capable of running at both 3000V and 1500V, which was essential on the network in those years. This earned them the title of "universal locomotives". With a maximum speed of 130 km/h and a power of 2700 kW, they were a revolution in the Spanish locomotive fleet.


The 269 series locomotives were the third generation of Japanese locomotives acquired by RENFE. After the good results of the previous series, the orders to #Mitsubishi, manufactured in #Spain, increased from 1973 until the mid-1980s, becoming the most numerous series of locomotives with the most variants in the Spanish fleet. Equipped with a power of 3100 kW and a maximum speed of between 140 and 160 km/h, they have been the undisputed queens of Spanish electric traction for years. They are divided into multiple sub-series, each with its own particular interior and exterior features.








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Train box will release JNR 103系 (Okayama color, mixed consist) 4-car set in summer, made by Tomix. The prototype can now be seen in Tomix Showroom Tokyo. Preorders are not yet available...




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